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This 7-session English Pronunciation Skills for Professionals course will equip you with the practice-smart tools & techniques, personalized feedback, and ongoing guidance you need to communicate effectively in spoken English. By the end of this program, you will be able to communicate in spoken English with more clarity, ease, and efficiency in meetings and presentations.

What this 7-session program includes:

Initial and Final Assessments

Measuring your progress each step of the way is a critical part of the speech training process. During session 1, you will receive an initial assessment. This will help to guide you, and our private coaching sessions, each step of the way. During session 6, you will receive a final assessment with a roadmap for your continued practice routine. Participants who have worked through our daily program typically see a minimum of 60-80% improvement on their final assessments. 

Group Training Sessions

Seven 2-hour training sessions in the Chicago Loop (73 W. Monroe Street). The maximum size of this course is limited to 6 participants. This allows you to receive personalized feedback from both the instructor and your peers. During each action-packed session, you will

  • learn the core speech features of stress and intonation (rhythm)
  • receive guidance for producing your problematic sounds
  • engage in a variety of practice activities.
  • learn how to monitor yourself and your fellow speakers-in-training.
  • receive ongoing individualized feedback.
  • acquire take away techniques for continued practice between course sessions and beyond this 8-week training program.
  • have 24/7 access to a workbook-style online training space for daily practice.

Core Training Materials

You will receive a core text and be given access to our dedicated online training space. The carefully-sequenced speech training modules include:

  • Daily learn and practice pages
  • Downloadable pdf files
  • 3-5 minute video-recorded mini-lectures
  • Supplemental audio samples
  • Daily practice assignments (estimated completion time is 15-30 minutes per assignment)
  • Extra materials for extra practice (in case the assignments aren't enough)

Six 30-minute Individual Coaching Calls

Throughout this program, you will meet with Sarah by telephone for six private & intensive 20-minute coaching calls. During each call, you will receive targeted feedback on a specific speech feature while working from a controlled to a free speaking task. You will also receive a recording of the words & phrases covered during the call.

1-year Access to Monthly 1-hour Group Coaching Calls

Over the next year, you can join Sarah for a monthly 1-hour group coaching call. She will start the call by reviewing a specific speech feature. In addition, she will include something new about the English sound system. Throughout this group call, you will have a minimum of two practice opportunities to receive targeted feedback from Sarah and others on the call.

Words from a few previous training participants:

“I’m so glad that I took Sarah’s 8-week (English pronunciation skills) program. After a few weeks following Sarah’s methods and practices, my spoken English has improved so noticeably that my American colleagues whom I work with everyday recognized it. I work in a law firm, so this improvement is invaluable to me.”

Thang, Foreign Attorney at Sidley Austin-Chicago, from Vietnam

“I took a 6-week group training program with Sarah and it is very helpful! The most important takeaway from this course for me is Sarah's diagnosis of my issues and the targeted solution to tackle each of them. I used to practice along with many YouTube videos and believed that once I mastered the correct pronunciation of every word, I was there for clear English speaking. Through this course, I learn that articulation and clear English speaking require much more than that... This course makes me focus on my real issues and keeps me on the right learning track. I feel I'm improving every day even after the course ended. I also gain so much confidence in my workplace.”

Xiaomei, Lawyer, from China

“I enrolled in two courses, an individual class and a group class, both exceeded my expectations. I came to CommuniClear because I was aware that a good pronunciation is crucial to succeed in the legal profession. Sarah understood my concerns and gave me valuable material that have improved my spoken English. I definitely encourage anyone you take one of these courses with Sarah, it is a great investment!”

Maria, Foreign Attorney, move to U.S. from Colombia

“I think CommuniClear Global's speech training program was very effective because it was based on clarity. It was structured to help me understand the most important things to focus on and you can see the strong and visible changes in my speech, especially in my presentations at work. I recommend this program if you want clear results.”

Fabrizio, Senior Vice President, moved to U.S. from Italy

“Sarah is a very skillful, patient, and flexible instructor. She builds a very good foundation in first couple of lessons for you to reduce your accent. Sarah uses her unique method to correct your pronunciation. I now immediately know what is wrong if I go back to my old way to speak. I see big improvement in speaking English. That is why I am going to continue working with her.”

Joni, IT Specialist, moved to U.S. from China

“This program is an exceptional opportunity to improve your spoken English. You'll start with basic pronunciation but will go very deep quickly. Sarah strikes a good balance between fun and learning, so you'll have a lot of insight without getting bored at the sessions..."”

Denys, IT Specialist, moved to U.S. from Ukraine

Sarah Gallant

M.A. in Applied Linguistics-Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Sarah Gallant is the founder of Chicago-based CommuniClear Global, Inc. Over the past 15 years, she has helped thousands of non-native English speaking executives, business professionals, subject matter experts, lawyers, research scientists, and medical professionals communicate with more clarity, ease, and efficiency in spoken English. Sarah applies "action-level granularity" (HT Brian Moran) and a results-driven road map to deliver an engaging and efficient program for her clients. While she gets into the nitty gritty of the English sound system, she keeps her programs talky talk practical.

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  • Who are the other training participants?

    Our program is designed for: Advanced speakers of English who would like to be better understood in the workplace; Subject matter experts; Business executives; Leadership program participants; Academic professionals, and visiting scholars. Program participants may be of different language backgrounds. Sarah, the program facilitator, will make sure to address the core sound issues of each language group, both during the in-person sessions as well as via the online materials.

  • What is the difference between the 6-session program and the 8-week program that you offer?

    Our 6-session program is designed for the professional who has has been working in an English-speaking environment for at least 5 years. You are generally intelligible but would like to level up your spoken English. By contrast, our 8-week program is geared for the professional who is relatively new to working in an English-speaking environment. You are experiencing difficulty in being understood, and this is affecting your confidence. Your goal is to communicate in spoken English with more clarity, ease, and efficiency.

  • Is the goal of this program to modify or reduce my accent?

    Our overall objective is to help you communicate more effectively in spoken English with speakers of different language backgrounds. We address and work with specific speech features of the English sound system (i.e., sounds & rhythm) so that you are able to adjust your spoken English or accent with relative ease and efficiency.

  • How would you describe your training approach

    Our carefully-structured spoken-English communication training programs serve both the analytical learner who sees value in breaking down the English sound system to better understand how it works and how it is different from their first (or second or third) language AND the kinesthetic learner who best absorbs this type of linguistic training via physical movement and real-life practice tasks, such public speaking, mock interviews, and spontaneous conversations.

  • I'd like to confirm that this program is right for me. Can I talk with someone before committing to this program?

    Yes, absolutely. Click on "Support" above to email Sarah and schedule a time to talk.

  • What is the recommended time commitment for this course?

    In addition to the weekly 2-hour training sessions, the program materials are designed for 20-30 minutes of daily practice, 5 days per week. Regular practice, if even for only 15 minutes per day, will help you to steadily improve your spoken English throughout this program.

  • What if I'm interested in this program but can't participate due to the time that it's offered?

    Please click the Support link above to email Sarah. It's possible that there are others in your situation. If this is the case, we might run an additional course.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes. If you realize that this program isn't for you, let Sarah know at the end of the first session and she will give you a 100% refund.

Course Logistics

Location: 73 W. Monroe Street (between Clark & Dearborn)

  • Dates/Times: January 25-March 22, 2019 (no class on February 22 and March 15) | Fridays 3:00-5:00 pm

    Course Fee: $1,395.00.

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Extended Registration Deadline: January 23 at 11:59 pm

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