Welcome to Module 4 of Clear Speech Fundamentals: Compound Noun & Descriptive Phrase Stress

This module helps to cement Module 3: Syllable Stress in Words. Most field or industry terminology (e.g., pharmaceutical, legal, financial, business development) contains compound nouns. Paying attention to Compound Noun (CN) Stress, and knowing how this is different from Descriptive Phrase (DP) Stress, can help the listener to process your message with more ease. By the end of this module, you will:

  • continue to get in the habit of alternating the stressed & unstressed syllable sounds in the key words of information.

  • be better equipped to communicate effectively in meetings, on webcasts, and at industry events.

  • be ready to dig deeper into the core of English rhythm. Namely, connected speech and the stress & intonation patterns at the phrasal and sentence levels.

Module Contents

  • 1

    Compound Noun & Descriptive Phrase Stress: Reflection

    • Listen & Reflect: CN & DP Stress
  • 2

    Day 4: Compound & Descriptive Phrase Stress

    • Learn: CN & DP Stress
    • Take a Quiz: Is this a Compound Noun or a Descriptive Phrase?
    • Listen & Practice: Recorded CNs & DPs
    • Practice: CN & DP Stress
  • 3

    Day 5: Compound Noun & Descriptive Phrase Stress

    • Practice: CN & DP Stress