SARAH GALLANT, Founder of CommuniClear Global Inc., is an Accent Modification Trainer and Spoken-English Communication Coach. She helps global workplace professionals to speak English with more clarity, confidence and efficiency. Her mission is to help people get better understood so that they can communicate, collaborate and connect with more ease in the global workplace. 

Sarah provides customized online Accent Reduction Training & Spoken-English Communication Coaching to global professionals worldwide. She has worked with CEOs, Subject Experts (e.g., scientific researchers, attorneys, pharmacists, financial analysts), team leaders and government employees. 

A few of the corporate clients she has served include...

  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospira
  • BMO Capital Markets
  • The Marmon Group
  • Constar
  • BNO Commercialisti e Revisori Legali
  • YKVN- Ho Chi Minh and Singapore
  • Fireex
  • Angelo Po
  • Transdev
  • Pepsico
  • Cornelius
  • Cartus Relocation Services

Prior to launching CommuniClear Global Inc., Sarah taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago for over 12 years. In this time, she started to dig deep into the English sound system to help her students (International Teaching Assistants and business professionals) be better understood in English. As of 2020, she has over 17 years of experience with Accent Modification Training (aka, Accent Reduction, English Pronunciation, Global English Speaking Skills. 

Sarah's Role

Sarah's key role is to help you succeed in the global workplace. Because she dedicates 100% of her attention to spoken English, she is able to offer her finely-tuned ear to better serve you.