Speak English with More Clarity & Confidence.

Share Valuable Information in Meetings with More Efficiency.

There's a difference between being kinda, sorta understood and having your audience fully engaged and understanding you each step of the way. Being "kinda" understood means that you get by in meetings and presentations. Being really understood means greater effectiveness, quicker work, and better connections. If you're a driven professional in the global workplace and want your talent, not your accent, to take center stage, you're in the right place. At the end of this short intensive training, you'll know how to adjust in your spoken English so that you are better understood from the start by speakers of different language backgrounds. This will allow you to communicate with more ease in the global workplace.

During this program, you'll discover...

=> A variety of practice techniques for producing a controlled, clear & confident sound 

=> Productive practice habits to create steady & fast results

=> A step-by-step plan that is carefully sequenced so that you know exactly what to do when

=> The right tools and ongoing guidance for an engaging training process

=> What to prioritize when it comes to flipping the English speaking switch so that speakers of different language backgrounds better understand you from the start

=> How English rhythm differs from that of your first or other first language, and why this matters

=> The priority individual sounds that you want to master to eliminate critical misunderstandings (not all sounds are equal!)

Clear Speech Success Accelerator

It's true: 30 days is not a lot of time. Learning how to adjust your spoken English in real-time spontaneous speech takes time. This requires an understanding of the moving parts of speech (vocal presence, sounds, & rhythm) along with a daily, or near daily, practice routine and a bit of ear training.  

There are plenty of Accent Reduction books & online self-study programs with MP3 audio files so that you can "copy & repeat" what you hear. But is this enough? How easy is it to maintain a regular practice routine? How sure are you that you're correctly applying what you learn to your spoken English?

We're here to help speed up the speech training process for you. Our role is to provide you the linguistic knowledge, online tools, and live community support to make this results-driven process engaging and efficient.

What this 30-day Accent Modification & English Pronunciation Training includes...

Online Self-Study Materials

You'll have 24/7 online access to our carefully-sequenced online speech training modules. Each module consists of

  • Daily learn & practice pages to jump start your daily practice routine
  • 3-5 minute mini-lectures for a manageable daily learning experience
  • Guided practice tasks to ensure steady improvement day-by-day
  • A community discussion board to get your questions answered fast

While the materials are not customized with your work language, Sarah provides guidance to help (and encourage) you to apply this training to your work language. 

4 Weekly Group Training Calls

Day/time: Mondays, 12:00-1:00 pm CDT (GMT -5)

Dates: August 10, 17, 24, and September 14.

During each weekly LIVE virtual 60-minute training call, Sarah will cover 2-3 speech features that make up the English sound system. You'll have the opportunity to practice, receive corrective feedback and ask questions each step of the way.

4 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Day/time: Thursdays, 12:00-1:00 pm CDT (GMT -5)

Dates: August 13, 20, 27, and September 17.

During each LIVE virtual 60-minute training call, Sarah will answer your questions and provide a variety of practice rounds for corrective speech feedback. These calls will help you to steadily apply this training into real-time spontaneous speech.

Words from a few previous training participants:

“THE RESULTS CAME FAST AND CLEAR... I’m so glad that I took Sarah’s 8-week English pronunciation skills program. After a few weeks following Sarah’s methods and practices, my spoken English improved so noticeably that my American colleagues whom I work with everyday recognized it. Sarah knows exactly what I should focus on to improve my spoken English and put it in a carefully designed step-by-step program. The results came fast and clear. I definitely recommend this program. ”

Thang, Foreign Attorney at Sidley Austin-Chicago, from Vietnam

“I RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM IF YOU WANT CLEAR RESULTS... I think CommuniClear Global's speech training program was very effective because it was based on clarity. It was structured to help me understand the most important things to focus on and you can see the strong and visible changes in my speech, especially in my presentations at work. I recommend this program if you want clear results.”

Fabrizio, Senior Vice President, moved to U.S. from Italy

“I AM FEELING MORE CONFIDENT WHILE TALKING TO MY COLLEAGUES IN DIFFERENT GEOGRAPHIC LOCATIONS... Sarah, thanks for the training. It is benefiting me in my day-to-day activities. I am feeling more confident while talking to my colleagues in different geographic locations. I am able to understand and clearly communicate without them asking me to repeat what I said. I might need a little more effort, but I feel there can be improvement in future communications.”

Bhargav, Project Manager for a Pharmaceutical Company Located in India

Sarah Gallant

M.A. in Applied Linguistics-Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Sarah Gallant is the founder of Chicago-based CommuniClear Global, Inc. For almost 17 years, she has helped hundreds of non-native English speaking executives, business professionals, subject matter experts, lawyers, research scientists, and medical professionals communicate with more clarity, ease, and efficiency in spoken English. Sarah applies "action-level granularity" (HT Brian Moran) and a results-driven road map to deliver an engaging and efficient program for her clients. While she gets into the nitty gritty of the English sound system, she keeps her programs talky talk practical.
Sarah Gallant, Accent Modification Trainer & Coach

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  • Who are the other training participants?

    This program is designed for professionals who are Advanced to Proficient speakers of English. Subject Matter Experts. IT Specialists. Scientific Researchers. Legal Professionals. Medical Professionals. Academic Professionals. Program participants are of different language backgrounds.

  • What is the difference between your two programs "Clear Speech Success Accelerator" and "Clear Speech Success Mastery"?

    "Clear Speech Success Accelerator" is a 30-day intensive program designed to help you get understood fast. We focus our attention on informational speech. That is, speech where your primary goal is to share information with more ease and efficiency. If English is your first other language, this program may be all you need. "Clear Speech Success Mastery" is a 6-month deep-dive program designed to help you get understood fast in both informational and loaded speech. Loaded speech is emotional, strategic and persuasive speech. That which is used in creating/building rapport and connections. In this training, we dive deep into the English sound system. In addition, you receive coaching to practice and upgrade your skills in public speaking and interviewing.

  • Is the primary goal of this program to modify or reduce my accent?

    Our overall objective is to help you communicate more effectively in spoken English with speakers of different language backgrounds. We address and work with specific speech features of the English sound system (i.e., sounds & rhythm) so that you are able to adjust your spoken English or accent with relative ease and efficiency.

  • How would you describe your training approach?

    Our carefully-structured spoken-English communication training programs serve both the analytical learner who sees value in breaking down the English sound system to better understand how it works and how it is different from their first (or second or third) language AND the kinesthetic learner who best absorbs this type of linguistic training via physical movement and real-life practice tasks, such public speaking, mock interviews, and spontaneous conversations.

  • I'd like to confirm that this program is right for me. Can I talk with someone before committing to this program?

    Yes, absolutely. Click on "Support" above to email Sarah and schedule a time to talk.

  • What is the recommended time commitment for this training?

    In addition to the live calls, the program materials are designed for 20-30 minutes of daily practice, 5 days per week. Regular practice, if even for only 15 minutes per day, will help you to steadily improve your spoken English throughout this program.

  • What if I'm interested in this program but can't participate due to the time that it's offered?

    Please click the Support link above to email Sarah. It's possible that there are others in your situation. If this is the case, we might run an additional section of this training.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes. If you realize that this program isn't for you, let Sarah know at the end of the first live session and she will give you a 100% refund.

Program Logistics

Location: Zoom. Dates/Time: August 10-September 24, 2020. No Class August 31-September 11. | Mondays & Thursdays, 12:00-1:00 pm CDT (GMT -5)

  • Early Bird Registration Deadline: August 2, 2020, 11:59 pm CDT (GMT -5)

    Get $50 off for Early Bird Registration. Code: EarlyBird50

    Have a question about this program? Please email us at hello@communiclearglobal.com.

  • Registration Deadline: August 9, 2020,11:59 pm CDT (GMT -5

    Summer Program Price: $397.00

Words from a few previous training participants

“I STRONGLY RECOMMEND (SARAH) IF YOU NEED A LANGUAGE EXPERT TO IMPROVE YOUR SPEECH IN ENGLISH... Sarah is one of the best because of not only her expertise in her area but more her rich experience to customize her programs for speakers with different language backgrounds. She handed me the tools to climb higher in communication skills! Sarah is also very honest and respectful. I strongly recommend her if you need a language expert to improve your speech in English.”

Lingjie, Ph.D in the Financial Industry, moved to U.S. from China

“HER TECHNIQUES PROVED TO BE VERY EFFECTIVE AND I COULD SEE (AND HEAR) THE DIFFERENCE VERY QUICKLY... Working with Sarah to improve my American English pronunciation was the best decision I ever made. I've tried using a few accent reduction books, but it wasn't working at all. I recently realized that without help, I would not be able to advance professionally. Thanks to Sarah, my English speaking skills have improved tremendously.”

Malgorzata, Attorney, moved to U.S. from Poland

“IT'S NOW EASIER TO TALK ON THE PHONE BECAUSE I FEEL THAT PEOPLE NOW UNDERSTAND ME EASIER... Every class session was interesting. This program has helped me a lot. I learned many tips how to speak in English in a way listeners can understand easily. They were eye opening as nobody had ever told me most of those. It's now easier to talk on the phone because I feel that people now understand me easier. ”

VP of Pharmaceutical Co, moved to U.S. from Japan

“AFTER A FEW LESSONS, I SAW REAL SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS... I have been extremely happy with CommuniClear Global's video call training. The lessons are engaging and well-structured with good online materials. I personally believe that they are quite unique and innovative. For me, it has been a big plus that I can attend the training sessions in the office, at home or during business trips, and the technology platform works well. After a few lessons, I saw real significant progresses.”

Massimo, Director of New Ventures and Innovation, located in Italy

Ready to Register?

Register by August 2, at 11:59 pm CDT (GMT -5) and Receive $50 off. Code: EarlyBird50 *** Registration Deadline: August 9, 2020, at 11:59 pm CDT (GMT -5)

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