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We give you the training and coaching support you need to communicate in spoken English with more clarity, ease, and efficiency

  • Group Training

    Participate with others in person or online for peer & trainer support. Working at this level of engagement can help to speed up the training process.

  • Customized Training

    Work one-on-one with Sarah for individualized attention and schedule flexibility. If you travel frequently, this is the best option for you.

  • Online Training

    Work at your own pace. Our online materials equip you with video-recorded mini-lectures and bite-sized, carefully-sequenced practice tasks.


Hear from a few past clients:

“I have been extremely happy with Sarah's video call training. The lessons are engaging and well-structured with good online materials. I personally believe that they are quite unique and innovative. For me, it has been a big plus that I can attend the training sessions in the office, at home or during business trips, and the technology platform works well. After a few lessons, I saw real significant progresses. Based on these successes, I decided to buy further (coaching) sessions with Sarah because I would like to ride the momentum and strive for continuous improvements.”

Massimo, Director of New Ventures & Innovation, Italy

“I’m so glad that I took Sarah’s 8-week (English pronunciation skills) program. After a few weeks following Sarah’s methods and practices, my spoken English has improved so noticeably that my American colleagues whom I work with everyday recognized it. I work in a law firm, so this improvement is invaluable to me.”

Thang, Foreign Attorney at Sidley Austin-Chicago, from Vietnam

“I enrolled in two courses, an individual class and a group class, both exceeded my expectations. I came to CommuniClear because I was aware that a good pronunciation is crucial to succeed in the legal profession. Sarah understood my concerns and gave me valuable material that have improved my spoken English. I definitely encourage anyone you take one of these courses with Sarah, it is a great investment!”

Maria, Foreign Attorney from Colombia

“Sarah is one of the best because of not only her expertise in her area but more her rich experience to customize her programs for speakers with different language backgrounds. She handed me the tools to climb higher in communication skills! Sarah is also very honest and respectful. I strongly recommend her if you need a language expert to improve your speech in English.”

Lingjie Ma, Ph.D. in the Financial Industry, moved to U.S. from China

“I think CommuniClear's speech training program was very effective because it was based on clarity. It was structured to help me understand the most important things to focus on and you can see the strong and visible changes in my speech, especially in my presentations at work. I recommend this program if you want clear results.”

Fabrizio, Senior Vice President, moved to U.S. from Italy

“Sarah was assigned to bridge the communication gap between my colleagues from India and other sites. From the very first telephone conversation (initial assessment) that she had with us, she understood what was needed and the course she designed was proof of that.”

Samir, Research Scientist, India

“Sarah, it has been really wonderful working with you. Thank you for all the hard work and great results so far! Your work with our team members located in India and the U.S. has been stellar. I'm very happy that you will continue to provide your services for us this upcoming year, and am looking forward to the new expansions to the program we have discussed. Thanks again!”

Neil Schauer, Senior DiNeil Schauer, Senior Directo in R&D, U.S.recto in R&D, U.S.

Sarah Gallant

M.A. in Applied Linguistics-Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Sarah Gallant is the founder of Chicago-based CommuniClear Global, Inc. Over the past 15 years, she has helped hundreds (perhaps thousands) of non-native English speaking executives, business professionals, subject matter experts, lawyers, research scientists, and medical professionals communicate with more clarity, ease, and efficiency in spoken English. Sarah applies "action-level granularity" (HT Brian Moran) and a results-driven roadmap to deliver an engaging and efficient program for her clients. While she gets into the nitty gritty of the English sound system, she keeps her programs talky talk practical.

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